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Gopro Is Building A Media Empire

For women, strong is the new skinny - CBS News

We have more deals in the works for 2015 and even 2016, a spokesperson said. The push into streaming comes as GoPro reported much stronger-than-expected fourth-quarter earnings on the back of robust sales of its Hero line of cameras during the key holiday period. The company said it shipped 2.4 million devices last quarter, surpassing Wall Street expectations and topping its shipments for all of 2012. GoPro continues to explore new and innovative approaches to bring its content to consumers, a spokesperson said and that means making streaming a bigger part of its business. Theres a natural evolution from devices to services that include a device, said Roger Kay, a tech analyst and founder of Endpoint Technologies, a consulting firm.
More: http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/other/gopro-is-building-a-media-empire/ar-AA924f4?srcref=rss

Under Armour buys fitness app startups - Yahoo News

Society's idea of beauty and health constantly changes, especially when it comes to women. For decades women have spent hours at the gym in an effort to achieve a slender -- even skinny -- physique. But lately this appears to be changing. Men have been pumping iron for decades , and now it Maxworkout seems more women also want muscle-bound bods.
More: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/for-women-strong-is-the-new-skinny/

[ The Atlantic ] Password credentials seem to be stolen with cataclysmic security breaches from some online web service or big-box retailer on a near weekly basis. But there's one Ukrainian man in Milwaukee who is particularly adept at recovering stolen data. Here's how he's so good at tracing the untraceable. [ Popular Mechanics ]. Twitter's Promoted Tweets are those 140 characters of #brand annoyance that inject themselves into your well-honed feed.
More: http://gizmodo.com/what-its-like-to-lie-in-bed-for-70-days-for-science-1684484176

What It's Like To Lie In Bed For 70 Days (For Science)

Dance Classical Ballet for Boys and Girls (age 3 to adult) Napa Valley Ballet is now enrolling for 2015 classes. Beginning through advanced levels in ballet technique, pointe, pas de deux, contemporary/modern, character jazz. Daily evening teen/adult classes for beginning through professional students. Guest instructors, weekend intensives and performing opportunities.
More: http://napavalleyregister.com/lifestyles/real-napa/b216fdd2-68c6-57b3-b6fc-690deaecd332.html

Community Bulletin Board

Under Armour said that it is paying $475 million for San Francisco-based MyFitnessPal and that it paid $85 million for Endomondo in Copenhagen. Under Armour, which has its headquarters in the US city of Baltimore, billed the addition of the companies to its digital platform as the "creation of the world's largest digital health and fitness community." Under Armour bought Austin-based MapMyFitness in late 2013. The acquisition of Endomondo was completed in early January, while the takeover of MyFitnessPal was expected to be completed by April of this year. Endomondo created a mobile device application that has been likened to a virtual coach and which can integrate data from some of the popular fitness tracking gadgets on the market. Endomondo is reported to have approximately 20 million registered users, most of them in Europe.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/under-armour-buys-fitness-app-startups-010322286.html

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