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Diet Alert Day: Local Doctors, Experts Weigh In On The Best Ways To Lose Weight | Health - Wpbf Home

Cywes. "When it comes to a drug like carbohydrates, I can eat in an endless way. Why? Because I'm not getting a buzz from the steak, but the cheesecake, the chips, the ice cream -- that's giving me that buzz." Marchand agrees with Dr.
More: http://www.wpbf.com/health/diet-alert-day-local-doctors-experts-weigh-in-on-the-best-ways-to-lose-weight/30963958?absolute=true

Column: Helping older pets lose weight - Farmington Daily Times

Then give your dog a diet that is half old food, half new for the next two to four days. Then, increase to feeding three-quarters new food for the final three to five days before completely switching to the new diet. More than 50 percent of dogs are overweight, and obesity is quickly becoming the No. 1 disease in dogs and cats. The economic ramifications of obesity on your pocket book can be devastating. Obese pets have more preventable diseases, not only costing you money but costing your pet the quality and quantity of life it deserves.
More: http://www.daily-times.com/four_corners-news/ci_27409742/column-helping-older-pets-lose-weight?source=rss

Social Support Online Can Help You Lose Weight - Yahoo News

They focused on about 5,400 people who participated in the program for at least six months and who posted their weight loss progress at least twice during the study period. The researchers found the most significant factor linked to weight loss was a person's level of social networking . After six months, people who did not have any friends in the online community saw a 4.1 percent decrease in their body weight, on average. On the other hand, those in clusters made up of two to nine friends experienced a 5.2 percent decrease in body http://www.maxworkoutsreviews.net weight. The people who were in the largest cluster of friends within the network, which was made up of nearly 1,500 members, saw a 6.8 percent decrease in body weight.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/social-support-online-help-lose-weight-152533861.html

Social media may help you lose weight - CBS News

36% dont reward themselves when they reach weight loss milestones, because they feel they dont deserve it. They believe weight gain is their fault, so they punish themselves for their negligence by not celebrating accomplishments. While accountability is essential, self-criticism can be highly counterproductive. 18% believe that healthy lifestyle wont make a difference because its their genes that have the final say. Another 18% believe that people who do manage to lose weight will inevitably gain it back.
More: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/01/prweb12475824.htm

Weight Loss Hang-ups - PsychTests? Study Reveals That What?s In Your Mind Is As Important As What?s In Your Belly

Any of these behavior-modifying endeavors are more likely to succeed if you have some kind of social support ." Poncela-Casasnovas added that, to help combat the obesity problem in the United States, an online weight control system could be easily implemented on a national level, at a much lower cost than current in-person approaches. Obesity has become a global health crisis, with more than a half-billion obese adults worldwide. The obesity epidemic is heightening the risk of chronic illnesses globally, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. [ Lose Weight Smartly: 7 Little-Known Tricks That Shave Pounds ] Online weight-management programs could help promote weight loss among large numbers of people.
More: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/online-social-support-may-help-you-lost-weight/

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